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Success Stories
"The greatest problems of today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which they were created."
- Albert Einstein
Developing Innovative Technologies
in the Fight Against Cancer
Success Stories
Success Stories
Developing Innovative Technologies
in the Fight Against Cancer

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The Inflector class takes a string and can manipulate it to handle word variations such as pluralizations or camelizing and is normally accessed statically. Example: Inflector::pluralize('example') returns “examples”.

You can try out the inflections online at Joy large tote Nude amp; Neutrals Tods TiDTtji

Summary of Inflector Methods and Their Output Small Leather Goods Belts Nanni 8Yrk5Wr

Quick summary of the Inflector built-in methods and the results they output when provided a multi-word argument:

Both pluralize and singularize() work on most English nouns. If you need to support other languages, you can use Inflection Configuration to customize the rules used:


may not always correctly convert a noun that is already in its plural form.


may not always correctly convert a noun that is already in its singular form.

These methods are useful when creating class names, or property names:

It should be noted that underscore will only convert camelCase formatted words. Words that contains spaces will be lower-cased, but will not contain an underscore.

This method is useful when converting underscored forms into “Title Case” forms for human readable values:

When generating code, or using CakePHP’s conventions you may need to inflect table names or class names:

Variable names are often useful when doing meta-programming tasks that involve generating code or doing work based on conventions:

Slug converts special characters into latin versions and converting unmatched characters and spaces to dashes. The slug method expects UTF-8 encoding:


has been deprecated since 3.2.7. Use instead.

CakePHP’s naming conventions can be really nice - you can name your database table big_boxes , your model BigBoxes , your controller BigBoxesController , and everything just works together automatically. The way CakePHP knows how to tie things together is by inflecting the words between their singular and plural forms.

There are occasions (especially for our non-English speaking friends) where you may run into situations where CakePHP’s inflector (the class that pluralizes, singularizes, camelCases, and under_scores) might not work as you’d like. If CakePHP won’t recognize your Foci or Fish, you can tell CakePHP about your special cases.

Indonesian YellowPages

Balikpapan (0542), Banda Aceh (0651), Bandung (022), Batam (0778), Betung (022), Bintan (0770), Bogor (025), Cirebon (023), Demak (029), Denpasar (0361), Jakarta (021),Jember (033), Jogyakarta (0274), Kupang (0380), Makassar (0411), Malang (034), Manado (0431), Mataram (0370), Medan (061), Palembang (0711), Pekanbaru (0761), Semarang (024), Solo (0271), Surabaya (031)

Postal office in Yogyakarta

Postal service is provided by the state-owned Polka Dot Fabric Obi Belt Multi Asos Ayavjyh
, which will deliver to even the remotest areas. JNE and Tiki are also reliable enough to send packages to anywhere in Indonesia for less than $15 in up to 10 business days, depending on the origin and destination. FedEx, DHL, and UPS sends package internationally, and FedEx as well as its local affiliation RPX have drop box offices. Intra-city deliveries, especially in Jakarta, can be easily done in hours using a courier service from the same smartphone app that you can call for an ojek (see by ojek section).

In most major cities, all emergency services can be called at 112 free of charge from any telephone, and will deploy services based on the type of emergency. Calling that number everywhere else will usually be redirected to police, so have the numbers below in hand if you want a specific service.

English-speaking operators are not available even in major cities, as operators will typically speak Indonesian as their primary language.

English publications in Indonesia have sprung up, albeit very slowly. Statement Bag Dancing into the Night by VIDA VIDA DbB5D6Du
is Indonesia's largest circulating English newspaper; you can grab a copy in some of Indonesia's biggest cities. SAC PORTE EPAULE ROBINSON METALLIC Tory Burch z1rR6ooEtb
is in a tabloid format and usually has richer content. Both newspapers provide good online content too.

Statement Clutch Doggone Cute by VIDA VIDA 0Uig1COMo
maintains an online presence in English, even publishing its own English weekly magazine, but it is mostly filled with hard news.

Small Leather Goods Belts Glamorous tfEPW
also provides some news in English as well.

State-owned TV station, TVRI, has its own English news service at 18.00 WIB (6PM West Indonesian time) daily. Indonesia's pioneer news channel, MetroTV, also has an English news program at 01.00 WIB (1 AM West Indonesian Time) Tuesdays through Saturdays. Berita Satu World is an English news channel that can be watched in selected cable TV providers.

Indonesia uses 220 volt and 50 Hz system. Outlets are European standard two round pins, either the CEE-7/7 "Schukostecker" or "Schuko" or the compatible, but non-grounded, CEE-7/16 "Europlug" types.

Electricity within Java and Bali is on 24 hours a day. This is also generally true in most populated areas outside the two islands, although they may be more prone to blackouts. The remote or less populated villages may have electricity on for a few hours per day only or even none at all.


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