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Department of Psychology

People who are high-functioning alcoholics do not fit stereotypes about Statement Clutch Wear the Red Clutch by VIDA VIDA P91JaIbXeW
, so their loved ones may fail to see a problem. Since they fulfill career and social obligations, whether they are intoxicated at the time or they drink too much later, they are still perceived to be “normal.” In fact, friends may jokingly approve of their high tolerance for alcohol during social situations.

The media dramatically portrays a “eureka” moment for characters in narratives who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction. This moment often comes after the person has binged and blacked out, perhaps even woken up in the hospital, and realizes the extent of their problem. This narrative structure exists to show a “rock bottom” moment, often without any lasting consequences to the character, that prompts them to make a change. Some people who struggle with alcohol use disorder do hit rock bottom; they lose their jobs, their relationships, or their health. They may wake up in the hospital after suffering from serious alcohol poisoning. A person who is a high-functioning alcoholic may not have this moment, but they may still realize that they have a serious problem with drinking too much.

Those who fit the may not miss work, school, family events, or social events that often, but they may skip these responsibilities a few times because of a hangover or because they would rather drink alone. They may also begin to display other symptoms that fit the criteria for alcohol use disorder, including:

It can help to get a doctor involved, either prior to an intervention or after the event if the person didn’t agree to get treatment. Chronic issues from heavy drinking may be beginning for the person, and issues can be measured with a CT scan, blood tests for B12 (thiamine) levels, or tests for abnormal liver functioning. With scientific evidence, the person may realize that they need medical help. The doctor may speak with the person about how excessive alcohol consumption causes these issues and how quitting can reverse or lessen the problem.

Additionally, setting clear boundaries with the person may help send a message that they have a drinking problem. A romantic partner, for example, may refuse to spend time with the individual if they have been drinking or may end the relationship until the person gets help.

Fortunately, there are , ensuring the individual stays safe and comfortable throughout the process. They should then continue into a rehabilitation program to address the issues associated with alcohol abuse. Finding resources in advance, like a rehabilitation program that fits the needs and personality of the high-functioning alcoholic, can also help them make the choice to overcome their addiction.

An intervention gives friends and family members a platform to express their concern for their loved one’s drinking; however, it is important to avoid focusing on the pain the person has caused their social circle and instead focus on the fact that they can overcome the problem. A good way to start finding resources is to use the or an interventionist via the .

Repartnering or remarrying can bring in additional levels of conflict and anger into their home environment. One of the reasons that re-partnering causes addition stress is because of the lack of clarity in roles and relationships; the child may not know how to react and behave with this new "parent" figure in their life. In most cases, bringing in a new partner/spouse will be the most stressful when done shortly after the divorce. In the past, divorce had been viewed as a "single event", but now research shows that divorce encompasses multiple changes and challenges. [84] It is not only internal factors that allow for resiliency, but the external factors in the environment are critical for responding to the situation and adapting. Certain programs such as the 14-week Children's Support Group and the Children of Divorce Intervention Program may help a child cope with the changes that occur from a divorce. [85]

Resilience after a natural disaster can be gauged in a number of different ways. It can be gauged on an individual level, a community level, and on a physical level. The first level, the individual level, can be defined as each independent person in the community. The second level, the community level, can be defined as all those inhabiting the locality affected. Lastly, the physical level can be defined as the infrastructure of the locality affected. [86]

UNESCAP funded research on how communities show resiliency in the wake of natural disasters. ACCESSORIES Oblong scarves Corneliani Bu3F0ocr44
They found that, physically, communities were more resilient if they banded together and made resiliency an effort of the whole community. [87] Social support is key in resilient behavior, and especially the ability to pool resources. [87] In pooling social, natural, and economic resources, they found that communities were more resilient and able to over come disasters much faster than communities with an individualistic mindset. [87]

The World Economic Forum met in 2014 to discuss resiliency after natural disasters. They conclude that countries that are more economically sound, and have more individuals with the ability to diversify their livelihoods, will show higher levels of resiliency. [88] This has not been studied in depth yet, but the ideas brought about through this forum appear to be fairly consistent with already existing research. [88]

Little research has been done on the topic of family resilience in the wake of the death of a family member. [89] Traditionally, clinical attention to bereavement has focused on the individual mourning process rather than on those of the family unit as a whole. Resiliency is distinguished from recovery as the "ability to maintain a stable equilibrium" [90] which is conducive to balance, harmony, and recovery. Families must learn to manage familial distortions caused by the death of the family member, which can be done by reorganizing relationships and changing patterns of functioning to adapt to their new situation. [91] Exhibiting resilience in the wake of trauma can successfully traverse the bereavement process without long-term negative consequences. [92]

Set menus (menú del migdia) Most restaurants (and some bars) offer a menú del migdia (menu of the day), which usually means a simple and unpretentious two course meal (one salad, main dish and a drink; plus a dessert sometimes), 3 or 4 options each, with a drink and a dessert, for €8 to €20, depending on the restaurant. Depending on the restaurant, the portions may be quite generous, or rather small. During the week, some smart restaurants offer lunch specials from 14:00 to 16:00. The savvy traveler will try the hip places for a fraction of the price during the day.

If you're looking for a place where everyone can choose their own meal, ask for restaurants that serve platos combinados , which is the closest thing to an American/Northern European meal.

Smoking: Is not permitted in restaurants anymore.


You can get food from any part of the world in Barcelona, but make sure you try some Catalan food.

See Catalan cuisine section in the Catalonia article .

The selection of seafood is consistently great, although not a lot of it is local (this part of the Mediterranean is pretty well fished-out).

A treat to try that no travel guide mentions is waffles sold at street stands. They will tempt you with their mouth watering smell and taste.

Even though tapa restaurants are now endemic all over the city, tapas originated in Andalusia in the south of Spain, and are a way to share food between friends. Each Spanish region has its typical tapas, being Catalonia the region where the first cooking book was written in Spain and where signature tapas do exist, and are delicious. Some Catalans eat a more French style three course meal (appetizer, main dish and dessert) and would more likely go for a pre-meal beer/vermouth and some snacks (olives, chips, etc.), and as well others go for a meal consisting entirely of tapas. This pre-meal snack is actually called 'fer el vermut' or 'making the vermouth'. As you travel to smaller towns in Catalonia outside of Barcelona, it is less likely that you will find tapas and more likely to see restaurants serving traditional Catalan food in three courses.

Beyond Catalan food, there is no shortage of durum or shawarma stands in Barcelona, offering tasty beef or chicken and salad in toasted flatbread for around €3.50. Gyros are delicious! You can also consider the Asian selection, with a lot of Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants. As with anywhere else, there are plenty of Italian restaurants, while Latin American offerings, particularly Argentine and Mexican , are well-represented too.

If you feel lost in the variety of food choices there are - Catalan, Basque, Spanish, and beyond, it may be helpful to do a food tour to quickly get oriented. Many independent tour operators run food and wine tours in the city.

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